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Need peace of mind? We know it's hard to see families torn apart because they didn't have a will. It's an uncomfortable truth, but not having a will can leave your family in a tough spot during hard times.

That's where our Will Kit comes in. It's easy to fill out and comes with all the advice and knowledge you need. It covers everything about dealing with a loved one's passing or preparing for your own future. Get our Will Kit and save your family from legal headaches.

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What You'll Get With Your Kit.

Last Will and Testament and Will Guide Book:

  • Your Personal Blueprint: Craft your Last Will and Testament to reflect your true intentions. Our flexible template ensures clarity in safeguarding your legacy.
  • Dive Deep, Stress Less: Our Will Guide Book thoroughly addresses every part of making a will. We simplify the legal terms, ensuring an easy way to safeguard your family.
  • Seal It with Confidence: The fillable legal Will is valid in all US states, offering you the assurance and peace of mind that your legacy is securely protected.
Start Your Will Today
Start Your Will Today

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Executor's Guide Book:

  • From Start to Finish: You're the chosen one, tasked with closing a life story as an executor. This guide is your script for managing assets, settling debts, and honoring their last wishes with dignity.
  • Honor Their Legacy: Now that you're the one in charge of someone else's estate, here's a step by step to guide you every step of the way.
  • Sail Through Legalities: Feel in control and at peace, knowing you're flawlessly honoring their legacy. You're not just managing an estate; you're fulfilling a cherished mission.

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Power of Attorney's Guide Book:

  • Steer with Assurance: What even is a Power of Attorney? God forbid something happens to you, and you can't make decisions for yourself. That's where the Power of Attorney steps in to help do that.
  • Handle with Care: You could get chosen to be one, but more importantly you'll eventually have to choose one for yourself. Learn from start to finish how easy that can be.
  • Boundaries and Beyond: Never have to stress again what will happen to everything you've worked so hard for, it's all taken care of.
Start Your Will Today
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Start Your Will Today Combo

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